Dining tables under £1000 for elegant entertaining and family feasts

Being the host with the most doesn’t have to cost the earth with these fine dining tables.

Whether you’re preparing for a festive feast, a summer soirée or looking to keep up with your ever-growing family, the dining table is often an integral part of daily home life.

The style of table you choose can dictate the overall look and feel to a space, so it’s worth looking for the right one for you.

Your main consideration will be whether to choose a rectangular or round table, which will largely dictated by your dining space.

A small square room will suit a round table better, and in turn, a round table encourages a more intimate dining atmosphere. You may be able to fit fewer guests around the table, but it will be easier for everyone to join in on the conversation.

Rectangular tables, on the other hand suit a narrower, longer room and can usually seat more people. So if you like to entertain on a grand scale, they may be a better fit.

Extending tables are a great solution that offer greater flexibility for plenty of dining situations and save on valuable floor space when not in use. Whether you entertain once a year at Christmas or you’re a regular dinner party host, make sure you can provide comfortable seating for those social events without losing out on space for day-to-day living.

Although often viewed as an investment piece, a dining table shouldn’t have to cost the earth, so we’ve picked out the best designs that won’t break the bank.

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